When I was in high school, one of my favorite singers was Joni Mitchell. She had a song, The Circle Game, that was a particular favorite. The refrain was this “they tell you it won’t be long now till you drag your feet to slow the circle down.” I knew it to be true then, but really know it to be true now. I cannot believe we are approaching a year of my being your pastor. It has been a year filled with joy and sorrow, a year that I feel privileged and grateful to have walked with you. Transitions are always filled with joy and sorrow as well.

I will continue to preach and provide communion once a month. While KFFUMC waits for a full time pastor to be appointed, one who would maintain the existing church half time and do a new church start the other half time (very unusual skill set, so this takes time), you will have a quarter time pastor to help you navigate the next phase of your journey. You will hear more from your council about him. Your council will need your help this coming year. Many of them have served for years, and the task of filling those other two Sundays should not fall on just them. You all have wonderful faith stories to tell and share with one another. Stop hiding them under a bushel, lol!

May you trust that God is doing a new thing in your midst, and may you join with God in helping that new thing come to fruition.


Pastor Helen


From Wikimedia Commons

Citation: Delton Franz Papers, 1952-2000. Photographs, n.d. HM1-012 Box 2 Folder 30. Mennonite Church USA Archives – Goshen. Goshen, Indiana.