Dear Members and Friends of Klamath Falls First UMC:


“To everything there is a season,” the writer of Ecclesiastes says, “and a time and purpose for everything under heaven.”


When Laurie and I arrived here last August, we were overwhelmed by the love and support with which you welcomed us.  As I began this year of transitional ministry here, your kindness and generosity in forgiving my mistakes, in patiently suffering through my learning curve as your “interim pastor,” and in providing an environment in which my ministry could be affirmed and nurtured is something for which I will be eternally in your debt.  Indeed, Laurie and I have said to each other many times in the past year that we could happily be a part of this faith community for the rest of our lives.

But – to everything there is a season, and in God’s plan and purpose for Laurie and for me, this season of our lives spent working with you in part-time ministry has come to a close, just as for this congregation the season of moving into an exciting new life of ministry under the talented leadership of Rev. Helen Mansfield is just beginning.  And so in just a few weeks now, we will bid each other farewell, celebrate the wonderful year that God has given us in this relationship as pastor and people, and give thanks for the many happy memories that we will carry with us for a lifetime.


Despite the fact that we knew as we came here that this transitional appointment would be only for one year, Laurie and I do not contemplate leaving this congregation easily.  We count you as dear and precious friends, and we, like you, are experiencing grief as we look ahead to the parting to come.  You have left your footprints deeply implanted on our hearts, and we cherish the love and friendship you have extended to us.  More than ever now, we covet your prayers for us in the weeks and months ahead, just as we will be praying for you.


“To everything there is a season …..”  May the God who plans and orders our days grant us grace and strength in this season of transition.



In Christ’s love – and mine,




Pastor Phil