A “New Year Checkup”


We’re one month through, already.  And if you’re one of our Klamath Falls UMC family who have recently been in worship you will know that we have been thinking together around the theme “What Makes a Healthy Church?”  So this is probably an appropriate moment to contemplate this question: “How am I doing in helping make my church a healthy church?”  “Am I taking full advantage of the opportunities God has given me for spiritual growth?”  “Have I taken any time at all yet in this New Year to work on my relationship with Jesus Christ?”  “Have I done any serious reflecting on what my response ought to be to God’s wonderful gift to me in the person of God’s one and only Son?”

Tough questions, aren’t they?  And yet, if the concept of belonging to a “healthy church” is to have any relevance to us at all as 21st century disciples of Jesus Christ, these are the questions we must deal with as we spend time in spiritual introspection and reflection.  To fail to deal with these kinds of questions – openly and honestly – robs us of the real potential and opportunity God makes available to us in this New Year, 2019, to make some real progress in this matter of spiritual growth and maturity.


So – if you’re not quite satisfied with the results of your “New Year Checkup,” here’s a prayer you might like to offer to help get you back on track:


“Gracious God, who searches our hearts and who knows the tumult of our lives –

You already know that I have layer upon layer of needs;

List after list of demands;

Pile upon pile of letters to answer and bills to pay;

Books and more books still unread;

Constant noise from TV, traffic, and background music;

Phones and faxes, answering machines and pagers beeping at me;

Neon lights, flashing signals, glaring billboards –

All penetrating my eyes and maybe even my soul;

I am overwhelmed by information overload, constant stress, and shattered peace.”


“So I say, ‘Enough, O God.’  Clear away the junk from my life and help me to see what is truly important.  Toss out resentment and grudges; clear the worry from my brow; help me carry my burdens with your strength, and heal my mind and my heart.  Help me grow closer to you – closer to you than I have ever been – during this New Year you have given me.  Amen.”



That is the kind of prayer God longs to answer in your life!  God bless you in your continuing journey through 2019!



In Christ’s love – and mine,


Pastor Phil