Dear Klamath Falls Friends in Christ,

Perhaps some of you remember that cartoon from a number of years ago which showed a woman saying to her husband, “Good grief, Henry.  Here’s Christmas at our throats again!”

We chuckle at that, but if the truth were known, some of us may feel less than excited about the Christmas season ourselves.  The expense, the crowds, the hurried schedules, the overindulgence, and all the other trappings of 21st century Christmas celebrations are enough to make any of us take a jaundiced look at the season.

In the face of an “Uncle Scrooge” response to Christmas celebrations, it is helpful to remember that God did not send Jesus to be “at our throats,” but rather to be “in our hearts.”  The difference between those two concepts defines the gap between gloom and glory.  There’s a reason, you see, that we call the gospel the “good news!”  As the gospel writer, John, so aptly puts it: “Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” (John 3:17)

Jesus is God’s gift to our world – and to our hearts!  When Jesus resides within, Christmas becomes the grandest opportunity of the year to say “Thank you!” to God for the gift of the Son.  That joyous theme will guide everything we do as a worshiping community this Advent and Christmas season at Klamath Falls First UMC.

Please join with your KFFUMC family for as many worship opportunities as you can in this special season of the year, as we seek to keep the beauty of Christmas bright in our hearts.  And now, Laurie joins me in a heartfelt wish that your Advent and Christmas season this year might be truly blessed with God’s great gifts of joy, peace and love!


In Christ’s love – and mine,

Pastor Phil