It may seem crazy that after having been “on the job” for only four weeks I am leaving for two weeks of vacation! These days camping reservations must be made 6-9 months out and we will be camping at Cedar Breaks National Monument and Great Basin National Park. We made our reservations long before I had any idea I would be serving as your pastor. Last summer our family started a new tradition of coming together each summer to visit a national park. Victor and I relish the fact that our grown children enjoy vacationing with us!

Our relationship is still too new for you to know that I have work-acholic tendencies (partly because I enjoy my work), but thankfully my hubby reminds me to rest. Our faith even has a command to that effect as well! Sabbath is so crucial to our wellbeing, why do we as a culture neglect it? Even Jesus at the height of his ministry, with crowds needing his attention and healing, took time to go away, to spend quiet time in prayer and reflection.


Years ago, I took a workshop with the Rev. Byron Kirk Jones titled “Addicted to Hurry.” He said that being busy was a sign of status, that even people who aren’t busy will fake being busy.  I learned to incorporate into my daily schedule what he called sight or sound breaks. The idea, much like Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet, is to really be present to who or what you are seeing or hearing in the moment. I invite you to try it, especially when you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the tasks that confront you daily. I like the sound break best because you close your eyes, relax your body from head to toe, and listen, really listen to the sounds you are hearing.  He said the practice has been proven to lower heart rates and restore calm. They can be like mini vacations in your day!



Pastor Helen