Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


As a special Easter treat, I will sometimes buy my wife, Laurie, a box of Easter eggs. But not just any old Easter eggs – I like to get her the ones she likes best, “Cadbury’s Easter Cream Eggs!”  Especially the caramel ones!


Now, I know I’m not the only husband who ever liked to buy his wife Easter eggs – many of you reading this article have done that, too.  But I doubt that any of us have ever gone as far with egg buying as did Czar Nicholas of Russia.  He undoubtedly holds the world’s record for presenting his wife with the most expensive Easter eggs of all time!  You see, the Czar presented a Faberge Egg to his wife every year at Easter to show his affection.  Every jewel-studded masterpiece contained a certain surprise within: a thimble-size palace, or a gilded carriage, or an entire train!  The most famous Faberge Egg, the Resurrection Egg, unlike the others, contains no surprises.  The clear rock crystal egg simply features Christ rising from the tomb, flanked by two angels in gold.

As beautiful as a Faberge Egg might be, the resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate masterpiece of God, God’s most precious gift to us.  But as we anticipate in a few weeks time this happiest morning in Christendom, we need to ask ourselves this question: Does Jesus’ resurrection make a difference in my life?  Or is it like a Faberge Egg, safely kept behind the glass in a museum, only useful to look at, and to admire its beauty?  Let God’s awesome resurrection power flow through you, today and always – and then, as Easter soon approaches, let’s be ready to pass on the best news ever heard to a needy, hurting world!


Laurie joins me in extending to you our very best, and very joyful, Easter greetings!


In Christ’s love, and mine,



Pastor Phil