Pastor’s Corner – April 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


As a special Easter treat, I will sometimes buy my wife, Laurie, a box of Easter eggs. But not just any old Easter eggs – I like to get her the ones she likes best, “Cadbury’s Easter Cream Eggs!”  Especially the caramel ones!


Now, I know I’m not the only husband who ever liked to buy his wife Easter eggs – many of you reading this article have done that, too.  But I doubt that any of us have ever gone as far with egg buying as did Czar Nicholas of Russia.  He undoubtedly holds the world’s record for presenting his wife with the most expensive Easter eggs of all time!  You see, the Czar presented a Faberge Egg to his wife every year at Easter to show his affection.  Every jewel-studded masterpiece contained a certain surprise within: a thimble-size palace, or a gilded carriage, or an entire train!  The most famous Faberge Egg, the Resurrection Egg, unlike the others, contains no surprises.  The clear rock crystal egg simply features Christ rising from the tomb, flanked by two angels in gold.


Pastor’s Corner – March 2019

Football, Lent – and “The God Story”


The Super Bowl has come and gone – and the 2018 football season is but a faded memory, leaving some with the satisfaction of victory and triumph, and others – well, not so much.  For those of us who live and die with the Green Bay Packers, last season began with visions of triumph and celebration, but those visions soon turned out to be mere pipe dreams.  Hopes of glory eventually turned to the despair of defeat.


Truth be told, I think what I just described about Green Bay Packer football fortunes is in some ways reminiscent of how some people approach the season of Lent.  Instead of approaching Lent with a spirit of hope and optimism, they view this significant season of the Christian year almost with a sense of dread – a time of somber self-denial not to be enjoyed or appreciated, but rather to be merely endured.


Pastor’s Corner – February 2019

A “New Year Checkup”


We’re one month through, already.  And if you’re one of our Klamath Falls UMC family who have recently been in worship you will know that we have been thinking together around the theme “What Makes a Healthy Church?”  So this is probably an appropriate moment to contemplate this question: “How am I doing in helping make my church a healthy church?”  “Am I taking full advantage of the opportunities God has given me for spiritual growth?”  “Have I taken any time at all yet in this New Year to work on my relationship with Jesus Christ?”  “Have I done any serious reflecting on what my response ought to be to God’s wonderful gift to me in the person of God’s one and only Son?”


Pastor’s Corner – January 2019

The Gift Has Arrived!


It was Christmas, 1939, and a very troubled King George wondered what he could possibly say to his subjects that would give them some sense of peace and security.  These were some of the darkest days the nation of Great Britain had ever known.  The Nazi blitzkrieg had overwhelmed continental Europe.  America had not yet entered World War II, and the tiny island nation stood virtually alone against Adolf Hitler’s plan for world domination.


Pastor’s Corner – December 2018

Dear Klamath Falls Friends in Christ,

Perhaps some of you remember that cartoon from a number of years ago which showed a woman saying to her husband, “Good grief, Henry.  Here’s Christmas at our throats again!”

We chuckle at that, but if the truth were known, some of us may feel less than excited about the Christmas season ourselves.  The expense, the crowds, the hurried schedules, the overindulgence, and all the other trappings of 21st century Christmas celebrations are enough to make any of us take a jaundiced look at the season. (more…)